About Evergreen Benefits Group

We are excited to announce that Friesen-Strain Insurance Associates, inc. is now Evergreen Benefits Group, LLC.  Same people, new name.  We are still your one-stop shop for all things BCBSTX.

While our name has changed to Evergreen Benefits Group, LLC., we want to assure you that our team remains the same.  We are still dedicated to providing you with the same exceptional service and expertise that you have come to expect from us as Friesen-Strain Insurance Associates, Inc.  The name Evergreen is a nod to our home.  We love East Texas and we know you do too!!  The name "Evergreen" symbolizes the enduring nature of our commitment to serving the broker community in East Texas.  Just like the evergreen trees that thrive in this region, we aim to provide steadfast support and reliable solutions to our brokers. We understand the importance of rootedness and continuity in building long-lasting relationships, and we are proud to carry the essence of East Texas in our new name.  As the only full-service exclusive BCBSTX general agent, Evergreen Benefits Group, LLC. can provide our brokers with a higher level of expertise and personlized support, ensuring that your clients receive the best possible service.

The legacy of Friesen-Strain Insurance Associates, Inc. has laid a strong foundation for Evergreen Benefits Group, LLC. We are grateful for the trust and relationships built over the years, and we are committed to honoring that legacy by providing unparalleled service and support to our broker partners.  As we embark on this new chapter as Evergreen, we carry with us the values and dedication that Friesen-Strain instilled in our team, ensuring a seamless transition and continued success